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Ep. 1: DJ EZ and Mr. Nice: The Unsolved Case of Tupac Shakur

Was the most famous and prolific rapper of the ninety's murdered, or is he actually alive, traveling the world, and putting out music on Soundcloud? In this (our very first!) episode we dive into the life and potential death of Tupac and whether or not Kamala Harris knows the truth.

Ep. 1: DJ EZ and Mr. Nice: The Unsolved Case of Tupac Shakur

Hello. Hello. I’m Emma. I’m Shannon, and welcome to our first episode. Maybe. One of our first episodes. Yes, our first recording, let's say. Yeah. Yes, we're in the studio. It's cozy, it's fall, it's a little stifling, but that's okay. It's an old house, relatively. Not old enough to be interesting, though. No, there's no ghost singing Shakira around here. There's no 2007 ghosts. I can't wait to be like, 90, and then I'm going to be like, there's going to be a spooky voice. It's like jacket if that happened to me. Okay, it's on the record now, but if I go out early, hopefully not. If I go out early, please know that I'm going to come back and haunt people. I'm fine by sneaking up behind them at really inopportune moments. You're about to make a big presentation. You're about to go on a date. You're about to get married, and I'm just going to be there. About to get married. The bigger one whispering behind you, it's Britney bitch. I don't see how that can't pump you up, though. I don't know. Especially though, I guess, when you eventually become a ghost. Because let's just assume that it happens because we know that it's going to happen. But if you become, uh, and this is our introduction of I'm a diabetic. And you know what's not a conspiracy? Insulin prices. That's just robbery. Anyway, when we do become ghosts.I feel like there has to be something that we would know that no one else would, so that the context would be lost in the 40 years when we're like ghosts. So I feel like maybe Brittany bitch would be one of those things. I don't know, in 40 years. If anyone's going to really hold on to that pop culture reference. I mean, millennials, or I heard recently that we might be millennials because we're in that operate in between of millennials and Gen Z, which I was like, why do we like labeling things so much? I don't know. But we cling to nostalgia because we've experienced a lot of generational trauma. You got 911 terror. You got the 2008 stock market situation, recession, not being able to find a job, the war on terror, which, like, I don't know how you combat a concept, but I feel like we can just acknowledge now that we're going to get political on this podcast. Maybe not in depth. But we're in the DC area for anyone who doesn't know. So it's a part of our lives consistently. Also, we're in America, so it's part of our lives constantly. But dropped the Childish Gambito flip. Yeah, this is America. Oh, I love him. Donald Glover is amazing. All right. Anyway, sorry, speaking of rappers transition today, I'm going to talk to you about Tupac. Okay. I honestly have never actually looked into this case at all. I am very excited. Uh, this is the caveat. I mean, I feel like it's a caveat for the whole podcast, but specifically for me on this episode as your host, um, I might get some stuff wrong. This is a new field for me. I don't really listen to a lot of rap or hip hop, but I can appreciate it as an art form. And I will get you what brought me to this case later in the episode, and it'll make a little more sense. All right, here we go. Very excited. Enough chitchat to the notes, the agreed upon facts. Okay. So I'm going to lay out things that are not really in contention. Okay. So good to know the things that should be believed. Yeah. Got it. The artist known as Tupac Tupac, or as it's published on his albums, the number two, Pac Tupac. Yes. Was born Lashane Paris Crooks on June 16, 1971, in Harlem, New York. At age one, he was renamed by his mother, Tupac Amaru Shakur. And the reason she did that is that she wanted him to have the name of revolutionary Indigenous people in the world, Amen. So TupacAmaru means shining serpent, and Shakur means thankful to God. Uh, note because this will come back later. Both TUC mother and birth father were active members of the Black Panthers. So just hang on to that, okay. All right. So then in 1984, he moves to Baltimore. He attends the Baltimore School of the Arts. He studies acting, poetry, jazz and ballet. He's in Shakespeare. It's great. He wins, like, the best Rapper contest. At his school, he befriends Jada Pinkett, later to be married to Will Smith. Apparently, they were really tight. Cool. We're just skimming through the early years. In 1988, he moved to California, and in 1989, he starts recording. But he doesn't really break onto the scene, the wrapped scene until 1991. His first album, you're going to appreciate this. Okay. Is named Two. The number two, Apocalypse Now. Yeah. I love that. I love it so much. It's great. We love a pun. I do. And that is one thing that even though it's maybe not my Goto style of music to listen to, I so appreciate the word play and the double meanings of words that come with rap music. I think it's really and obviously he's well versed enough in poetry that he understood the form and all of that. Yes. All right. And then we got a couple of other fun little facts that I'm not going to go into super depth, but fun fact, Tupac auditioned for the Disney movie Cool Runnings. Really? Yes. Oh, my gosh. About the Jamaican Bob Fletcher Decom Disney Channel original. At one, um, point, he Madonna dated. I really didn't get into any further depth, but, uh, cool. Yeah. Um, so Tupac is praised as one of the most influential robbers of all time, especially because his songs commented on issues faced by inner city's residents. So he was commenting on systemic problems that were going on. It wasn't just like, this is my life, and it's all chill and good. He was really drawing attention to it. So he is cited by many rappers today. 50 Cent was one of them. That came up a lot. Jayz, uh, highly influential, and he is part of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and has won many other awards throughout his life. However, um, it was not all Easy Peasy. I'm clearly not a rapper. That your Rep's name? No, uh, Easy Stop, easy striking from the record. All right, well, but I like it. So he did face challenges with the law throughout various points of his life. There were gun charges, violent fights. I'm not going to get into it super in depth, because that's not the conspiracy part of this story of his life. Uh, however, in 1995, he did go to jail for, uh, the sexual abuse or assault of, uh, a 19 year old woman. So not, uh, great. We're acknowledging that he is very well revered within his field. However, all of your faves are problematic, we will learn throughout this podcast. Um, on that note, Tupac is the only artist to have an album at number one on the Billboard charts. The album was Me Against the World while Incarcerated, I guess was never a statistic I considered, but it's clearly one that exists. That's fascinating, indeed. And Tupac, throughout my research, was described very much as a hard worker. His work ethic was off the charts, literally. The day he came out of jail, he went to the studio. He was recording three tracks a day. And he was of the opinion that if you could not wrap your verse completely in one take, you were not an experienced rapper. Like, you shouldn't be recording, because if you needed to practice, get out of the studio, which I think goes to show how delete of a level rapper he was. So he was involved in the East Coast versus West Coast rap rivalry, and he represented the West Coast even though he was born in New York and at one point went by MC New York. He was repping the West Coast because he was signed by Death Row Records, which is based in Los Angeles. Biggie, um, yes. Okay, so this is the portion where I'm like, yes, Tupac. Biggie. Those are the only things I know about this case. Yes, Biggie, uh, also known as the Notorious B-I-G. Was an East Coast rapper. But actually, before they kind of got into this feud of East Coast versus West Coast, they were friendly. And, uh, Tupac gave Biggie advice. Biggie wanted Tupac to kind of be his mentor and to take him on. And Tupac actually was like, no, you should stay over here with these folks because they're going to get you much further. P. Uh, Diddy he recommended the Diggy go with Diddy, clearly. Uh, I'm very happy with that. Clearly, I am not, uh, used to these names, but they were big players. In the scene and. All right, I just loved your face, Biggie. Did he look? Because it's a new field for me. I really want to try hard to say things correctly, not to be like, oh, what's his name? Um, my brain was picturing the article, trying, and I was like, Shawn, Diddy Holmes? See, this is why we take notes. All right, anyway, jump to September 7. Tupac and Suge Knight, who was then the CEO of Death Row Records. So, basically, two box boss, but also a friend and their friends had just seen a Mike Tyson, uh, fight at the MGM in Las Vegas. Vegas? Yes, we're in Vegas. Picture it. The lights, the casino. Mike Tyson, very famous fighter, top of his game as well. In the lobby, they get into a fist fight with an alleged Crips member, Orlando Anderson. But eventually, the fight breaks up. They leave the MGM, and they start driving toward a club where Tupac has a gig. We got into a scuffle. Moving on. At a stoplight, a white Cadillac pulls up next to their vehicle, two pockets in the passenger seat. Shug Knight is driving. An unknown shooter fires 14 shots into the car. Wow. Drives off. That's a lot. If you're trying to get a job done, I guess you over. Really want to shoot in, um, a fly with a Cannonball? Well, that's a metaphor for it, isn't it? All right. Am I interrupting you too much? No, you're fine. Despite there being 14 shots, Tupac is shot four times. Obviously, that's more law, more than preferred, but considering he was in the passenger side. And so, um, he shot twice in the chest, once in the arm, once in the thigh, and one of those bullets pierces his right lung. So he's taken to the nearby hospital in Vegas. And several days later, on September 13, 1996, at 403:00 P.m., Tupac is pronounced dead. Okay. And the official cause of death was listed as respiratory failure, leading to cardiac arrest. So one of those bullets went in his lung. They did everything they could. Unfortunately, he passes away and now conspiracy. So who killed Tupac? I don't know. The prime suspect is Orlando Anderson. Who's that guy that they got into the fight with at the NGM lobby. Okay, so the prior insult of a fight, and many people view it likely as a retaliatory gang hit. Okay, so he was insulted by Tupac and stuck Knight. So he and his gang members supposedly came after them. However, he was never charged, and later he was killed in an unrelated gang shooting. So even if it was him, he didn't have the opportunity to confess or offer any insight on that. So that would be, in my mind, the most easy. A to B to C. Yeah. Probably the most logical conclusions you could come to. Yes. Next candidate that is suggested by many people is notorious vigor because they were East Coast versus West Coast rivals. They were both very popular. Maybe there's some jealousy involved. They, uh, had the two of them, Biggie and Tupac, had exchanged songs mocking each other. Biggie released a song kind of making fun of Tupac's, uh, arrest for gun charges in previous years. Tupac came back with a song that insinuated that he slept with Biggie's wife. Oh, yeah. Did he? Um, but obviously there were some feelings about that. However, Biggy was killed six months after Tupac in an as of yet unsolved drive by shooting in La. Okay, so both of them drive by shootings. Unsolved, technically unsolved drive by shootings, which is obviously terrible in any case, anytime a life is lost, but especially to the genre of rap music and the fact that they were rivals. Yeah, it's a little interesting. It feels very, uh, Shakespearean to me. The downfall of two massive, to put it in slightly more ridiculous terms, but imagine in the 90s if Brittany and Christina both died mysteriously. Anyway, that was aside. That was Shannon making sure that I fully understood the concept that we were going with. Trying to make it relatable, you know, that they were both in the same genre. They were both, like, high idols in their field. All right, the next contender is that SUG Nite is the one behind the killing of Tupac. Wait, okay, but he was in the car. How did he not get hit? Did he get hit? However, did not discuss this. I'm asking questions you are about to answer. Right. Okay, so there were rumors that Tupac was going to split off from Death Row Records to start his own label. Okay, so Shug Night was worried, as the CEO, he's maybe going to lose one of his main people, his cash cow. Interestingly. Uh, Knight walked away from the shooting with hardly any injuries. He had, like, a grazed temple. Hashtag. Wait, suspicious? Where did the other ten bullets end up? I assume in the car. Okay, I've never shot into a vehicle before or shot anything. Ever. A guy. I was going to say no. You're in a T shirt Cannon. No. That implies that I go to sports game and that I was a mascot. No, although one time I did dress up as Dora the Explorer for a volunteer event. I needed volunteer hours for NHS in high school. Wait, in the big head? Yeah. Oh, my God. Would not recommend. Anyway. No. That's so hilarious to me. You were in high school? Yes. Where were you? So, my friend Amanda, shout out to you if you're listening. You're probably not because you're a nurse. Thank you to all of our nurses. Amen. But her mother, also involved in the medical field, got us connected. There was, like, a family fun day at a hospital. Okay, like a community day. This makes much more sense, truly. I left out because Amanda was in the Scooby Doo costume. So hers was furry. Yeah. Anyway, sorry, back to Shug Knight. He did not have very many injuries. Very suspicious, right? Yes. And, um, in 2017, he spoke on a theory that his ex wife and former head of security actually put out the hit on him to gain control of the record label. So he's saying, Why would you say that? I'm trying to take out Tupac. Actually, they were coming from me, but they got basically saying Tupac just got caught in the crossfire. But the four bullets that hit him and then hit Sugar. Yeah. And both his ex wife and former had a security deny any allegations, obviously, but just thought that was interesting. Yeah. But then finally, the most interesting, uh, option. Oh, no. Psych. Tupac is still alive. I really like this as, like, a thought in terms of anybody who's ever died, like Elvis, potentially, Paul McCartney will get there. All of that, because I want to know what the evidence is. When we stop talking, you tell me. Let's go. Okay. And I will share my sources at the end, because there are lots of sources. But one of the things people point to is that the coroner's report lists Tupac's height as six foot and his weight as £215. However, his latest driver's license showed that he was 510 and weighed £168. What? So unless he magically grew two inches and was really bulking up at the gym, when was the driver's license? It did not indicate a date, but suspicious. And then neither of us really like autopsy photos, so I'm not going to show Emma anything. Thank you. If, um, you're listening and you're curious, you can find this on the Internet. But if you look at the autopsy Photo, Tupac really looked up to Machiavelli. Uh, like the Italian author of The Prince. Um, yeah. So his ultra Eagle, his alter ego, Machavelli. He had a tattoo of this alter ego. It wasn't an, um, Eagle. I don't believe so. It might have been. I really should have written it down, but I really didn't want to look at the picture for very much longer. But basically, he had a tattoo on his neck related to this altrigo. And in the autopsy photo, tattoo is missing. Huh? How do you miss a tattoo? How long it has a tattoo? Sorry, these are quite hard. I'm sorry. But suspicious, right? You can't just get rid of it unless he drew it on in Sharpie every single morning. I don't think so. Right now. Also, one level deeper. Machiavelli, the Italian one, faked his own death, which further lends evidence to folks who think that Tupac is still alive. Like, what a long Con, right? Yeah. Dude, I love this. You can't see her face, but she's freaking out. I'm very happy about this. Also, in the autopsy photo woke Tupac's head and his face are shaved. He'd been in the hospital for six days. Why would they bother to shave him before the autopsy? Before the funeral? I can understand. But before the autopsy, I wonder if. Because during an autopsy. They end up having to Peel back your face in order to get to your brain. Sorry. Weird things that Emma knows. And, um, in order to do that, you don't necessarily have to shave anything. But my assumption is that if you are wanting to get, like, a cleaner cut or something, maybe you would. But it does. Yeah. That's the only possible thing. I am not an autopsy technician. Medical examiner. I don't know anything serious. Right in. But otherwise, I can't, um, imagine why you would do that. But, yeah, I think this is one of those examples. Hearing you talk about that, I feel that there is likely a logical explanation. Yeah. When you are in conspiracy mode, every little thing is part of your evidence. So I feel like that's one example of that. All right, next, uh, some people indicate the fact that his two box mother, when speaking to the press about her son. Her word choice was that her son, quote, chose to leave quietly rather than he passed away or moved on to the next plane or anything like that. So some people are like, maybe she knows something. Maybe she was like, I'm not lying. He chose to leave quietly. That's not his dead body. That's a very weird choice of words for someone dying. I can imagine. Like, if it is that he actually passed away as a grieving mother, maybe it's like a bomb to say he chose to leave quietly in, like, a sense of he's gone now, he's in a better place. Kind of like language. But the key word for me is choosing. Like, he chose. Right. That's a little right, exactly. Sound effects. Not words. Sound effects. Yeah. So, Suge, uh, Knight friend, back to this dude sites a conversation that he had with Tupac. They were on vacation in Maui shortly before the shooting, saying that Tupac talked about faking his own death. I don't know how much I believe anything Sugar says, but. Sure, let's keep going. Fair? Yes. Although I think, um, from my interpretation of the article of the quote from Suge Knight, that maybe it was more of an artistic sort of thing, like Tupac was talking about wearing all white. I'm picturing sort of a music video sort of thing. Maybe he was trying to rebrand himself in the way that other artists had beforehand. Like, maybe he was no longer going to go buy Tupac. He was going to do something else. But maybe after, uh, the fact Suge Knight is now framing it as, like, no, he wanted to literally fake his death. And, uh, Suge Knight's son says that he thinks the rapper Tupac lives in Malaysia with the help of the Illuminati. Anybody at home take a shot and or Mark your bingo board for this illness. Yes. He didn't offer any evidence as to why he thinks that this is SUG Knightskin yeah, correct. That's a little like, who asks? You, right? It's a little like, alright, dude, sit down. Just sit, sit. You're rocking the boat. All right. That's so funny. So Tupac's former bodyguard, Michael Nice. I think it's nice how's it spelled. Like nice. Oh, okay. Not nice or anything. Also, I was a little surprised, and maybe this was just my own biases, but he's like, uh, a bald white English dude. Oh, so, uh, like, Michael Nice. Oh, God. Okay, thanks. So he, um, claims that the Black Panthers all the way back got it, helped Tupac mhm escape the Vegas hospital and flee the country, and that he was smuggled into Cuba with the help of Fidel, uh, Castro. That's a lot going on there. Yes. And then. All right, let's calm down and get ready. We're not calming. Oh, never mind. We're going even to another level of insanity. In December 2018. Oh, this bodyguard Nice was reported dead days before releasing evidence to show how Tupac faked his death. But he was so nice. Thank you. Wait, so he had evidence. So as his former bodyguard, he claims that he knows how Tupac faked his death and he was going to announce it to the world. But days before that, he announces that he is pronounced dead. You don't tell people what you're about to do. You, uh, just do it. Truly. There are newspaper headlines talking about how Tupac's former bodyguard is dead. Uh, in 2018. Yes. I do not remember this. No arguing why, but that doesn't mean. It does not mean that in December 2019. Oh, dude. Michael Knights, the supposedly dead bodyguard of supposedly dead Tupac, posted a YouTube video explaining that he had to fake his own death to show that it could be done and to lend credence to his claims of Tupac's faked death. So he genuinely did it? He genuinely faked his own death? Yes. And apparently none of his family knew about it. A little rude. In the video, he's like, There are people close to me who are going to be deeply hurt, but I had to do this. Basically, he also claims that people were going to kill him for revealing the secrets. So he had to take his death for his own safety. Okay. But also to prove that it could be done. Okay, so basically, he said, I'm going to reveal things, dies, comes back, and it's like, told you, uh, this could be done. And now I can reveal things. Uh, but I couldn't because they were going to kill me. Has he revealed anything? No, he just posted the video of, like, it can be dumb. Perhaps I know why that was accent. I did not delve deeply into it. Okay, fair enough. But also, I will take the critical stance that some random white dude is, um, probably more capable of faking his death than a world famous rapper like, um, Tupac Hare. You know what I mean? Yeah, like, it would be one thing if Madonna supposedly, uh, faked her own death, but then it's like Madonna's housekeeper did the same thing to show that it could be done. It's like, well, I don't know Madonna's housekeeper's name or face. Yeah. So then there's this fun little graphic of Tupac sightings, uh, since his death in 1096. I'll try and go in chronological, uh, order. Okay. In 2004, there's a photo of him in Cuba. Interesting. Okay. Yes. And then 2011, he photographed a Wall Street protest in New York City. Okay, everyone remember Occupy Wall Street? No. Remember those times? I do, but, yeah, I don't remember seeing any photographs of that. No. And then in 2012, in Sweden. Sweden. Ok, let's take that for a second. Sweden is populated majority wise by tall white people. If you are able to find anyone, it would be a tall black guy, but also in Sweden. But also, I feel like Scandinavian countries are both metaphorically and climateologically. Probably not a word, but they're chill. Maybe Tupac just wanted to chill out with the scandal to go to Europe. I don't know. I've never been fake dead before. And then there were sightings in 2014 in Los Angeles, in Boston, it's just hopping on planes and, yes, going everywhere. The most recent one on this map is in 2018 in Somalia. Okay. This map does not indicate any sort of explanation, um, behind any of them. Okay. But we will post it on the Instagram, so those are kind of the general contenders. Okay. And then I just have some more, like, miscellaneous fun facts to show the influence that Tupac has had. Okay. And in a roundabout way, to lead you to what brought me to this topic. Yes. So in 2014, Holler If You Hear Me ran on Broadway. I didn't want to say it in a rude way. I'm not making fun of it. No, I know, but it's spelled ya like y a. Paula, If You Hear Me ran on Broadway for six weeks before closing. It's inspired by the rapper's lyrics and his music. Interestingly, the producer of the show said this, if we don't succeed, it's going to be difficult to do another rap or hip hop show on Broadway. Lies. Two years, uh, later, Hamilton won, like 16 Tony Awards. But related to Hamilton, I went back through the archives and found a Tumblr post that is actually a really great resource that if you are like the two of us new to rap music, but you really enjoy Hamilton, it's kind of a sampler of hip hop. If you like this, uh, character songs, you'll probably like this style of rapper. Or if you like this song in particular, listen to this artist. And then they also had, like, which rappers would these characters listen to? That's cute who is on Hamilton's playlist. That's cute. So basically, Tupac, um, is categorized as gangster rap and is most analogous to Hercules Mulligan in the musical Handle. That makes me happy just to give you an idea, kind of a style of music. All right, moving right along. In 2017, there was a biopic called All Eyes on Me, eyes with a Z. In 2018, there's a dramatic Netflix series. So not a documentary, which I felt was important to clarify, called Unsolved Tupac and Biggie, since both, uh, of them, their deaths remain technically unsolved. So we can give, um, that a watch and report back maybe at a later time. In 2018, there's a book, uh, a young adult novel called The Hate You Give. And that was also turned into a movie. So Tupac is a major inspiration and influence on the main character, who's a young black woman who is faced with the unlawful shooting of her friend by a police officer and the subsequent protests and uprising in her community. And one of the kind of things that keeps recurring is the term Thug Life, which is actually an acronym for that Tupac created. So Tupac came up with Thug Life, which stands for The Hate You Give. Little infants. F everybody. So The Hate You Give is the name of the movie in the book. There's a five part docu series, um, on FX, about Tupac and his mother. It was announced in August of 2019. I couldn't find anything if it has been released yet. And then there was an article that I read from February of February of this year, and it's for a new film by Rick Boss titled Tupac the Great Escape From UNC. And, UMC, is the hospital for Tupac, but not the United Methodist, uh, yet. But he alleges that he obtained the information about Tupac's survival through the rapper's family and close circle of friends. And he said the following. You can write a fiction story, but this is not fiction. This is facts through certain people I know, which is a segue to what brought me to this topic in the first place. I read an article that was recapping one of Kamala Harris vice President nominee, one of her interviews. It was a very light hearted interview. They were framing it as helping her with some debate prep. So they were doing rapid fire questions like, what's your best thing that you Cook in the kitchen, things like that. She was asked who the best rapper alive is. Without hesitation, she says, Tupac and the host is like, famous unsolved guy. He's not alive. And Kala Harris said, not alive. I know. I keep doing that. Keep doing that to who? Does she know something. Also, please register to vote, make a plan. Thank you. Okay, but why would she know? I don't know. But she's influential. That's true. She's high enough up on the food chain. I mean, she's been in government for a while. I don't know. They did not speculate other reasons, but I just found it very intense. I keep doing that. I read that article I was intrigued, and I think it's politically timely in our current 2020 housecape that we mentioned somebody. Uh, so here are my final thoughts. Okay. Part of me really wants to believe it's true. Like, the part of me that has binged the Fast and Furious movie franchise on multiple occasions wants to believe it's true. Like, baking your own death is a thing that happens remarkably frequently in that franchise. We can get into it another time, but that's the main thing. However, I have some questions. Let's assume it's true that somewhere Tupac is off living his best life, pretending, uh, to be dead. Why would his former bodyguard out him now? Like, for personal gain through notoriety? Also, I watched his video. It's like twelve minutes long, and he just seems super weird and cryptic and shady, which I guess if this was really true and this was, like, your business or your live experience, that it would be very odd and weird to disclose if you were trusted enough to help him fake his death. What has happened? Is it a money thing? Is he dead now? Right. But I feel like it wouldn't be a money thing because Tupac, I believe. I didn't write down this fact. But Tumock, I believe, has released more albums posthumously than he did when he was alive. And they've all done very well. Many, if not all, of his records have gone platinum. Are they all from Death row records? Uh, I assume so, because going back to his work ethic, he was recording three tracks a day, reminder diabetes. But he was recording so much that there was all this material available. So I feel like if it was a matter of he's been paid to keep quiet. It's not as if the money has dried up. Yeah. And if it's been so secret, it's not like there's another entity or gang or secret organization that would be trying to pay him to. You know what I mean? Other than becoming famous as Tupac's former bodyguard who knows some stuff about his death, what's the point? And then I have another question. But there are two kind of ideas. If there was a body swap, there are two presented theories of when it happened. Either it happened in the hospital after Tupac himself had been shot, which goes along with the autopsy discrepancies in the photos. Some people argue, and there's some very, very grainy footage from the MGM lobby of the fight. They argue that you can see Tupac's body double in the footage. Like, Tupac jumps out of the frame, and when his leg is still in the frame, you see a man wearing the same thing that looks very similar to Tupac walk into the frame, and that body double got in the car and got shot. I would argue that the swap at the hospital makes more sense because one. How do you know there's going to be a shooting? Yeah, unless you plan literally the only way would be if Tupac had planned the shooting and then would know he needed the double. Yeah, right. Because if Suge Knight knew about it, the only reason he has to put that hit is to take out Tupac. So why would he cover with the double? Yeah, but let's assume that they did swap pre shooting. Here's my question. If Tupac is alive and somehow comes back into the public eye, would he face any charges for, like, allowing a body double to get shot in his place? You know what I mean?
If he knew that the shooting was going to take place.
Right. But then I guess we wouldn't know if the is it a security guard, Secret Service sort of thing, where, like, the body double knew that there was risk and he still was willing to do it? Or was it just some unsuspecting guy that Tupac. It all just seems a little weird.
And the video thing of him out of frame and then someone else coming into frame.
That's just the video. Wouldn't someone in the lobby be like.
No, there were two dudes that were dressed exactly like each other.
Right. During a fight. You can go find the footage online. I wouldn't recommend it because it's from. It's incredibly grainy. I had to watch it multiple times, and I still could barely understand what people were trying to claim was shown in the video. Okay, yeah. So that one makes no sense to me. If anything, I would argue that the hospital swap makes more sense. Yeah, it has to. And that's all I got about. Is Tupac alive. Yes. Kamala Harris has confirmed it. Maybe when she enters office, I'm going to say when. Not if I'm manifesting, she can shine some light on the, uh, situation. And then just to be formal, like, and because I am terrified of plagiarism, um, because my Liberal arts education and honor code have made me scared. Here are some sources. I've got two articles from the Rolling Stone. There's an article on the medium, uh, by Lisa Marie um, Fuca. I'm not sure how to pronounce it, but you can look it up. Cbs News 40 Facts. You didn't know about Tupac. And there's a website called Ne, which is about the bodyguard, Michael Knife. And all the videos are, like, on YouTube. Yes, you can find them on YouTube. And I believe we can link things in the show notes as well. Yeah. And then for any photos that are going to be posted, you can find, uh, them on our Instagram. This podcast doesn't exist. All one word because, uh, we can't shorten it any smaller than that. I mean, we could, but we like continuity. Yeah, but there's no apostrophe. Um, but, yeah, that is my journey into the mystical and mysterious world of rap music in the mid, uh, 90s. And unsolved drive by shootings mean, I wonder if Tupac was shot.
And then Biggie was Shot six Months After if Tupac Was Still Alive.
Was he the Shooter? Done. Wow. I Don't Know. Was The Rivalry That Strong That It Would Have? Because I Wonder how Much The Rivalry Was for Media Attention, for Records To Be Sold rather Than.
Like because My Assumption Is That Tupac didn't really Sleep With Biggie's Wife.
But I Don't Know, because I Wasn't There. But.
I Genuinely Don't Know how Large Of A Rivalry it Could Have Been that One Would have wanted to Kill the Other.
Yeah. I mean, my Little Hufflepuff Heart Just Wants To Believe That Tupac faked his Own Death And Then Helped, uh, Biggie Fake His Death, and they Are Just Palling it Up Somewhere in Cuba, living Their Best Life. I Just Want To Believe That Tupac Is Like A Really Chill SoundCloud DJ, that he has, like, A Web Following, but he's not Major Because He's Purposely Keeping Himself Under The Radar. But Nowadays with The Internet, Anybody Can Make Music Anywhere. I just Want to Believe that He's Still, like, Putting Out Music On SoundCloud. Um, I Don't know. Well, thank you. You're welcome. That's One I've Never Explored. It was never one that Caught My Eye.
But I Thoroughly Enjoyed that.
And now you have An Opinion. Yeah, I do. Well, whenever We're Allowed To Have Parties Again, but if Tupac Ever Comes Up, I Hope You Learned Something Today That You Can Share.
I will say one Of The Main Reasons This Podcast Was Started Is Because One Of My Very Favorite Cocktail Party.
Uh, Questions Because I Hate Small Talk Was, What Is Your Favorite Conspiracy? And It Only Genuinely, uh, worked On, like two or three people In Terms Of Actually Generating A Conversation. So The Fact That We Can Talk About This Is Really Nice because I Hate Small Talk.
And Whenever I'm In A Party Situation, I Feel Like I Want To Talk About Weird, Unknown Things so that Both Of US Are, like, uncomfortable. But I like Learning.
Uh, shit and this was fun.
I Like Learning Shit. Unofficial Tagline. I do. I Like Learning Shit. Put it on the merch, put it on a mug. Anyway, I hope we all learned something today. Now you have something to talk about on your next Zoom Happy Hour. Yeah. Oh, wow. Well, if you have a topic that you'd like to share that you like to regale people with on your Zoom calls or in-person parties, shoot us an email; No apostrophe, obviously, because that's just, um, how formatting works. If you have followed about Tupac, About Kamala, uh, Harris, about any other conspiracy theories, we would love to hear them.

But, yeah, remember.. this podcast...doesn't exist.

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