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Ep. 10: Haunt People While You’re Alive: The Dybbuk Box

This week we get extra spooky as Emma regales Shannon with the story of the most haunted item in the world: The Dybbuk Box. Is it haunted by a Jewish supernatural being, a demon, or is it all a lie? Join us this week and try not to cry! Shannon does and it's fine because scary things are scary, ya'll.

Ep. 10: Haunt People While You’re Alive: The Dybbuk Box

Speaker B: Hello.
Speaker A: Hey.
Speaker B: I'm Emma. I'm Shannon, and welcome to this podcast Doesn't Exist.
Speaker A: I just love that I'm Emma. It's okay. I'll remind you who you are. Unless, I don't know. And then we'll just make it up.
Speaker B: When we're like, 90. This is exactly what's going to happen.
Speaker A: I'm Princess Sofia.
Speaker B: Nevermind.
Speaker A: Oh, no. I was a girl in the village, too.
Speaker B: And.
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Speaker B: The day that Jordan gets bingo is going to be a very celebratory day.
Speaker A: And today might be that day. Who knows?
Speaker B: We don't know. Well, I suggest buckling in. Uh oh, okay.
Speaker A: Is it like a normal seat buckle or like, full Gogo Power Rangers going to space?
Speaker B: I would fullgo Power Rangers.
Speaker A: Oh, all right, here we go.
Speaker B: Our visual bit added again.
Speaker A: It's the thing by the end of this podcast, which, let's hope we're old and senile at that point, in which.
Speaker B: Case we won't know anything.
Speaker A: So, no, the podcast will just be a collective series of shared bits and inside jokes that are only funny to us uh and people who listen to the podcast.
Speaker B: I'm fine with that.
Speaker A: Yes. Welcome to the club. I didn't like that. Okay, I was going to go with we're all in a very small gang.
Speaker B: It's like the Mystery gang.
Speaker A: Oh, I was going like that.
Speaker B: Anyway.
Speaker A: All right, we're buckled in.
Speaker B: We're buckled in.
Speaker A: Seriously, what is happening today?
Speaker B: Today, Michael, we are discussing the Dybbuk Box.
Speaker A: Uh the what?
Speaker B: The Dybbuk Box.
Speaker A: That sounds made um up.
Speaker B: We'll see. So I wanted to do this, and it is holidayish related as well, but it's almost Hanukkah related.
Speaker A: Oh, okay.
Speaker B: The day that this airs will be the last night of Hanukkah. Hey, Micros. Hey. Um so I wanted to do something that was Jewish. This specific box is supposedly haunted by a spirit called a Dybbuk, which is known to cause harm and even possess the living. And the box is now referred to as one of the most haunted items in the world. Um so what is a Dybbuk, you ask?
Speaker A: Yeah, what is a Dybbuk?
Speaker B: A. Dybbuk is, in the Jewish faith, a spirit who has unfinished business and who can glam onto a living person to accomplish their task. Okay, the understanding of ghost is fairly similar to this.
Speaker A: In my understanding, I feel like this would be more of a Poltergeist in my representation of ghosts. Ghosts just like hang out. They don't possess people.
Speaker B: Uh that's fair.
Speaker A: But I get it.
Speaker B: I'm talking.
Speaker A: Um i'm finished business. Got you.
Speaker B: All right, so the word dibback is an abbreviation of a Jewish phrase that translates to a cleavage of an evil spirit. So already the Dybbuk has a negative connotation. The word Divik itself actually means the act of sticking from the verb, which I am going to be a little I'm going to try my hardest in terms of pronunciation, because this is Yiddish uh and Hebrew that I'm trying to pronounce. I am not Jewish. I apologize. The verb debac, uh which is what it comes from. Dybbak, is like a noun form of it. Uh the verb debac means to adhere to cling or even in more modern senses, just straight up glue. So you have already a sense of possession in the word of Dybbuk, just by etymology alone, which of course, I had to go into because English major Me could not keep herself from word. Yeah, sorry. So the term first came up in a few 16th century writings, but a play named The Dibbic, or Between Two Worlds by S. Anski in popularized the concept of the spirit in literary circles. All earlier accounts of possession were attributed to demons rather than ghosts. Uh when you think of possession, when you were trying to define like Poltergeist.
Speaker A: Versus ghosts, which I guess in the broader understanding, demons are of their own origin versus ghosts being passed on. Okay.
Speaker B: Yeah. So in this sense, a Dybbuk is a person has passed and their soul is trapped in the earthly realm and must possess a person in order to finish their business that will then let them be released into. Is that the next realm?
Speaker A: I have questions about the mechanics of it. Are you going to get to it?
Speaker B: I might, but I'll pause after I go through the rest of this and.
Speaker A: I'll hold on to these.
Speaker B: You can let me know. So in Jewish mythology, there are a few other forms of what is called soul transmigration, which is what a dybbic is categorized as. So there's the Iber, which means impregnation, and it is a positive soul possessing a body temporarily with consent. It must be under consent of the um host so that the soul can then perform a mitzvah, which is uh just a basic deed, whatever they need to finish and do. But it is required that it is by consent.
Speaker UNK: Okay.
Speaker B: So that's a more positive that's basically on the other end of the spectrum in terms of, like, bad spirit versus good spirit. There is also what is called a Gilgal meaning rolling in Yiddish, that is like reincarnation almost in that a soul must live many lives before it gains enough wisdom to rejoin God. So there's that idea of like maybe a grandparent has died and then the next child to be born within that family lineage has the soul of that grandparent and must grow up and live sometimes why kids end up having recovered memories at four of past life kind of thing.
Speaker A: Right?
Speaker B: Um so there's that within that, too. That's kind of more in the middle, maybe even an outlier in terms of.
Speaker A: The spectrum of ghost demons.
Speaker B: All this to say that a Dybbuk in the Jewish tradition can be seen as good or bad, but mostly it has a negative connotation in that a restless soul has unfinished business on Earth and needs a living host to see it through no matter what it is. Consent is not needed for a DIVOC, but there is also no precedent for one being inside of an object like a box. It's usually just a free roaming spirit that attaches itself to somebody mhm in order to finish a task.
Speaker A: Okay.
Speaker B: So what were your questions about the mechanics of it all?
Speaker A: Yeah. Um so the first one you kind of answered with the what um is it? The IBOR Ibur Ebor? Because I was um going to ask I was like, well, couldn't there be like, a nice spirit they needed to temporarily possess someone, but that kind of answer that and then in this tradition, in this mythology, are these spirits, is a Dybbuk a visual experience, or is it just you only know that someone has been possessed because the spirit will speak through them? It's not a visual sort of thing.
Speaker B: There are different variations. And when I get into the story of this particular box, we'll see how it kind of manifests itself in different ways. But um so far as I could find, in terms of accounts, it was mostly that it would be that it possesses somebody. They do something out of the ordinary of themselves, like they do something counter to their own personality or their own feelings or something. And that's when they would know when they were possessed by a Dybbuk. I will also say, and this is according to the sinisterhood podcast, who are wonderful ladies, you should go and listen to them. But um their research suggested that whenever a woman would act a little bit out of line, she would supposedly be possessed by a Divock. And then you could blame the ghost for her outbursts or her behavior.
Speaker A: Her and free will. Yeah.
Speaker B: And then exorcise that dibbok uh out of her. There is a little. Yeah. I will say go listen to sinisterhood. They are wonderful. They did a great episode on just Dybbuk in general, and they talk about this box in particular, but they talk more generally about the Dybbuk as a spirit itself. And it was fascinating. It was very helpful, too. But. Yeah. Um so there's a little bit of that in there, as well as the way in which a Dybbic enters your body is a very oddly sensual thing.
Speaker A: So I don't want to talk about.
Speaker B: It because it really grossed me out.
Speaker A: All right. Well, we'll just leave that question hanging in the air like an unresolved spirit.
Speaker B: Yeah. So let's move on. So now that we know what a dibbic is, why is one inside this box? So we're getting into the story the legend of this box. According to a previous owner, the um box was made by a survivor of the Holocaust in Poland. Her name was Havola. She and her family were all sent to a concentration camp, and she was the only survivor. She lost her parents, her brothers, her sister, her husband, her two sons, and her daughter. She had escaped to Spain until the end of the war and bought the box there before her migration to the US. It was one of only three items that she had brought with her to the States, the other two being a steamer trunk and a sewing box. So Habala's granddaughter remembers asking her grandmother what the box that was always in her sewing room was. It was constantly shut. It was always out of reach. But when she asked about it, her grandmother spit three times through her fingers and said it was a dibbic and a quote, kessalim that were trapped inside of it. And it was never, ever to be open. Interestingly. Kessalim isn't a Hebrew or Yiddish word that I could find. I could only find it as a Turkish word, and it's spelled keselim, and it means um quote, to cut or to stop. So not even a little bit. It's almost exactly the opposite to what dibbic means in Hebrew. So that in and of itself is weird. Maybe there's two spirits that are living inside of it. Maybe it's just one, and it's two different variations of what kind of spirit it could be. I don't really know. In any case, Havilla had asked that when she passed that the box be buried with her. She died at 103.
Speaker A: Uh is it a ghost or our dryer?
Speaker B: Oh, it's a dryer. Oh, my God. I know what's going on.
Speaker A: See, Emma doesn't live here uh anymore, does she? Forget the door. The dipping is like, how dare you speak of me?
Speaker B: Sorry. I really hate that.
Speaker A: Okay. It's always during your episode. I'm not laughing at you. I'm just laughing through my anxiety. That's healthy.
Speaker B: Havilla asked that when she passed uh that the boss be buried with her. She died at 103 in Portland, Oregon, but her family did not carry out her request.
Speaker A: Really?
Speaker B: Seriously.
Speaker A: Okay.
Speaker B: Have we discussed the way that we want to be?
Speaker A: I think this would be the third time on the podcast you want to be a vase? Yeah. I don't think that it made it.
Speaker B: Into any of our podcasts.
Speaker A: Really? I think that's so shady, because if you want to be turned into a breakable piece of decor, but then you want your descendants to not be told that it's you.
Speaker B: I think my main thing is that I just genuinely want to end up haunting my family. But I need a reason.
Speaker A: Just have uh some unfinished business.
Speaker B: If they break the vase that's made out of my Ashes, because that's how I'm going to go out. And my firstborn child is going to end up being the one who ends up with the vase of mom. But they won't know that it's me. If they break it, if they sell it, if they try to get rid.
Speaker A: Of it, like brainy third child. I'm just picturing a uh smart, bookish little girl that goes back and listens to these ancient in podcasts. That a podcast.
Speaker B: What is that?
Speaker A: Mom and mate. And then she's going to be like, It's Mom, the group hologram text or whatever. She'd be like, So um I have some bad news.
Speaker B: We didn't actually bury mom. Instead, it was a doll that she made that was supposed to be. I don't know. I'm never going to do that. That's a little bit too convoluted for me. And I'm pretty sure whoever ends up actually taking care of my body after I pass is going to be like, you know, because someone's going to have to know that I get turned into.
Speaker A: A diamond or something. People don't lose diamonds. And then if it got stolen, you could haunt whoever stole you from your family.
Speaker B: Um oh, that's true.
Speaker A: Think about it.
Speaker B: I like that.
Speaker A: I like that better than the base option.
Speaker B: All right, so what am I doing with you when you die? I don't know.
Speaker A: Just, like, out the window, Chucky overboard into the sea? No, the ocean is terrifying, bro.
Speaker B: You wouldn't know. Uh you would be dead.
Speaker A: Okay, but still terrifying. But I guess that's the point. I don't know if I want to haunt people. People don't really go sailing the way they used to because I was going to be like, you sounded like an.
Speaker B: Old woman from the Hamptons. People don't go sailing like they used to.
Speaker A: I just meant I had the thought of, like, um oh, if you buried me at sea, I could become a sea siren and haunt the rocks or whatever, but I'm like. But people, there aren't, like, Pirates in the traditional sense out in the ocean anymore. Uh it would be a lonely business fair, you know? Have I talked to you about my dream of space sirens?
Speaker B: Uh dude.
Speaker A: What? Okay, picture this. I'm so excited.
Speaker B: All right, this is a very long tangent, and I apologize, but I am very interested.
Speaker A: You're fine, too. Last week's episode was shorter.
Speaker B: Okay, picture this.
Speaker A: I'm not really a Sci-Fi person, but.
Speaker B: I know, like, sirens.
Speaker A: Like mermaids. Yes, but space, like, planetary luring astronauts to crash into the service of their.
Speaker B: Planet to write this novel.
Speaker A: I don't want to, but I want someone to, and I want someone to do the fan art of it. Also, if I were any good at cosplay or makeup or anything, I would be, like, Halloween. No one will get it, but here I am. I guess I need somebody to be, like, a crash astronaut with me that I can just be around them all night.
Speaker B: Do these space sirens have Mermaid bottoms, or would they be? I don't know, because I feel like you could swim. It has to be something aerodynamic.
Speaker A: Well, I guess it's not air. It's just the void of space. And instead of ocean, watery colors, think of, like, Saturn.
Speaker B: Like the rings, gold.
Speaker A: Kind of like they're not quite solid. I don't know. I think it would be cool.
Speaker B: I think that's a beautiful image, and I'm very excited for when you do have the courage to write it.
Speaker A: Talk about unfinished business.
Speaker B: Seriously, let's get back into it. So how do we know that this box is haunted?
Speaker A: Uh let me guess. Somebody went and made more bad decisions after not listening to Grandma.
Speaker B: Let's find out, shall we? In September of 2001, the year that Havilla died, a man named Kevin Manis went to the estate sale being held by her family in Portland, Oregon. He bought the wine box from her granddaughter, as well as the sewing box that she had brought over from Spain. The granddaughter, after it was sold, came to him and said, quote, I see you got the Dybbuk box. End quote, referring to the wine cabinet that he had just bought.
Speaker A: Okay, wait, how big is this thing? Because I've been picturing, like, a little box. But you're saying a cabinet?
Speaker B: Well, it's referred to as a wine cabinet. You can fit about maybe four bottles of wine into it, and the picture will be up on the Instagram. But let me show you the picture um of it so you get a better idea on the visual human. Yes, I know. Here. So this is the picture of it. It's not small, but it's not enormous. Okay, so it's about a little bit over a foot in height. I think it's a foot and a half, and then it's not all that wide. I think it's maybe about half foot. And then uh again, not all that deep. It's really not that big of a box, but it's big enough to hold it at the very least. Four slim bottles of wine. Not your big honking five dollar Arbor mist like we do. So, again, not too big, but not small. So it is referred to as a wine cabinet, even if it isn't necessarily huge. Got you. So he asked her what a Divock box was because he's never heard this word before. And she told him how her grandmother had kept it up high and shut it and told no one would ever get up into it or open it. When she told him mhm that the box was meant to be buried with her, Kevin, trying to be nice, tried to return it as an act of goodwill, not wanting his money back, but to try and honor the dead woman's request, being like, oh, maybe they didn't have enough money to bury her with everything that she wanted to be buried with. Maybe she was eccentric, I don't know. But they're selling this um to make sure that they have enough money to pay off the house. I'll just give it back to them, and they can keep my money as, like, a donation to her. The granddaughter adamantly refused, saying that he had to take it because he had just bought it. And even when he explained he didn't want his money back, she became very visibly upset and raised her voice to say, quote, you made a deal, end quote. She began to cry, said, we don't want it, and walked away. Kevin figured that it was due to grief and stress that the woman was feeling at the death of her grandmother. And so he just took his items and lost. At the time, Kevin owned a furniture refinishing business um and kind of like antique shop.
Speaker A: The most Portland thing ever.
Speaker B: Yeah. He brought the box back to his basement workshop, where he was going to refinish it and give it as a gift to his mother for her birthday. He left it there, opened the shop, and went out for errands, leaving a young employee in charge of the shop while he was gone. He was only gone 30 minutes when he got a call from his employee. She was hysterical and screaming about someone in the workshop, breaking glass and swearing. They had also locked the iron security gates around the doors and the emergency exit was completely locked off and she could not get out.
Speaker A: Oh my gosh.
Speaker B: As he tried to tell her um to call the police, his cell phone battery went dead. So Kevin raced back to the shop. He says he went like 110 mph back to the shop.
Speaker A: He's not. Whoever this employee is, she is not getting paid enough for this.
Speaker B: Seriously. He got there and found the gates locked, just as his employee said. He unlocked them and finally got inside. And he found his employee on the floor of his office sobbing uncontrollably and completely hysterical. She wasn't able to give him any information because she was just unable to speak because she was sobbing so much. Kevin ran down to the workshop and once he hit the bottom of the stairs, the unmistakable smell of cat urine smacked him in the face. And if you have not had owned a cat, being around cats long enough to smell what cat he smells like, it is so it's basically like ammonia, but like times ten. Um it is so bad if it's like enough of it. So the fact that he immediately recognized it and this man has never owned a cat, he claims in his life, so he knew exactly what it smelled like and it was overwhelmingly bad. So he walked into it and it just smacked him in the face and he was like he had no animals in the shop, nor had he ever found any roaming around the shop. So he couldn't understand why that smell would even be there. He tried the lights, but they wouldn't turn on. As he pressed further into the workshop, he realized the lights weren't working because they were all broken, crunching under his feet. All nine of the bulbs that were in the ceiling had been broken off in their sockets, and the ten four foot tubes of fluorescence were shattered on the floor. And if you don't know what you're doing with fluorescence, it's very hard to get them out of their sockets. Like, you have to put them in one side, and then the other side has to snap in, and then you lock it on one side. We have a um fluorescent light in our bathroom. Uh and it was exceptionally hard mhm because I didn't know what I was doing. And so it took me, like, almost a full 30 minutes. And now um you might be listening to this and going, Emma, it's really not that hard. I promise you. I'm not lying when I say it was 30 minutes, and I'm not a dumb human. I don't think so. I was annoyed. So the fact that all ten of these fluorescent lights are, like, stripped from the ceiling and crashed on the floor is terrifying.
Speaker A: I don't know what it is. The single Hebrews Jebus over here of the normal light bulbs um snapped, like, broken in their sockets.
Speaker B: Just.
Speaker A: It sent me to a place that I didn't like.
Speaker B: I'm sorry. You have to sit with that singular thing.
Speaker A: Call my mom. Pick me up, please.
Speaker B: Just wait. Right. She should pick you up after this, though. Oh, no. Okay. So Kevin couldn't see anyone in the basement, and they would have had to pass him to get up into the main shop, as the basement had only one door. So he went back upstairs to his office to talk to his employee. But she had peace. She had just run out of there. She had worked with him for two years, and after that day would not return to the space. She refused to talk to him about the incident. There was absolutely nothing. Like, she was just like, no, bye.
Speaker UNK: Okay.
Speaker B: Yeah. So Kevin thought that it was possible that an actual intruder really had scared his employee and left before he had arrived, even though all of the doors were locked. But he's like, well, maybe they found a window to go through that I didn't find. I don't know. But it was probably an intruder. And that's horrible that happened to her, but got to keep moving. So Kevin got back to work, and two weeks after he had bought the box, decided to start refinishing the box in preparation for his mother's birthday. So he opened it. The mechanism of the box was well made, so that when you opened one door, the other door, and the drawer below opened as well. And this is what he found inside the box. Wheat Penny. Five us wheat Penny. One small lock, each of blond hair and Brown hair, each tied with string. A small granite statue with the Hebrew word Shalom spelled out on it in gold, um a dried rose bud, a golden wine cup, and a black cast iron candlestick holder with octopus legs, which is the weirdest of all of those.
Speaker A: Items that is just not available at Urban Outfitter.
Speaker B: Seriously, uh uh just the weirdest one out of all those items. Okay, so Kevin put the items in a separate box, as he only intended to give the wine box to his mother. He was like, she doesn't need all of these weird items. Yeah.
Speaker A: No.
Speaker B: So instead of refinishing it fully, he just cleaned it and rubbed it with lemon oil. It was then he noticed an inscription carved into the back of the cabinet. This inscription was of the Shema, the most important part of a prayer service in Judaism, which with its first verse reading quote, The Lord is our God, the Lord alone. Kevin did not know this at the time. I don't think he's Jewish, so I don't think he could read Hebrew. I don't think he really understood any of that. But he was like, all right, um this is on the back. I think my mother's going to care. His mother was spending her birthday with his sister. So instead, they met a few days after her birthday, which was October 31, 2001.
Speaker A: Stares into the camera like, um I'm on the office.
Speaker B: Seriously, what? Uh so they were supposed to have lunch, and then he was going to give her her wine box, but he decided to flip it so that they would go to his office beforehand, go to his shop beforehand, and then they were going to go to lunch. So he let her downstairs to the basement before they were to go out. And she seemed to like her gift. And as she examined it, Kevin took a phone call upstairs. Five minutes later, an employee came into his office saying that something was wrong with his mom. When he got to her, she um was sitting still in a chair in front of the cabinet, blankfaced, with tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn't respond to any of his questions. She was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where they figured out that she had had a massive stroke. The same day the lease on his store was terminated and for no reason. They would not give a reason why it was terminated. So now he's lost his store. When Kevin visited his mother the next day, he asked her how she was. She teared up and spelled out the words no gift. Kevin thought she had forgotten that she had received a gift from him on her birthday. Obviously, this was a traumatic thing like that. This had happened, that she had had a stroke. So maybe her memory was a little not there. And when he said he had given her a gift, she became more upset and then spelled out hate gift. He told her not to worry and that he would get her a better gift so long as she got better. Luckily, she did. She regained the ability to speak, which she at that point, was not able to do. She regained the ability to walk she um turned out to be okay past that point. But she would not go anywhere near this box. She would not even want to be associated with it in any capacity. And when he asked her later what happened, when she opened the box, she um said something blew through her that she could only describe as pure evil. So fun, right? Shannon is not having a good time. Shannon is still not having a good time.
Speaker A: I'm concerned. I can feel the style of music that they would use to underscore. If this was a movie, it would be a lot of, like, scratchy, scratchy strings. And I'm very anxious right now.
Speaker B: I'm sorry. All right, so Kevin tried to give the box to numerous family members.
Speaker A: Why?
Speaker B: I don't know. And even at one time sold it to a couple through his shop. But it was returned very quickly, usually within a few days, every single time with claims of a smell, either of Jasmine flowers or cat urine, one or the other that the doors would open on their own. Um and this is from the couple who bought it from him. And they left it on the doorstep with a note that just said it had bad darkness to it. And he was like, I don't know what that means.
Speaker A: How do you not know what this is? He's like, It's Portland some people.
Speaker B: So eventually he brought it home. The idiot.
Speaker A: Ok, Kevin the idiot.
Speaker B: I literally wrote in my notes in all caps, the idiot.
Speaker A: Kevin. I don't wish ill upon anybody but you, stupid.
Speaker B: Seriously, man, I don't know where your brain is at. I can understand not believing in this kind of stuff. But if this truly happened to you.
Speaker A: Better safe than sorry, right?
Speaker B: I'd rather not have a haunted box in my possession.
Speaker A: No.
Speaker B: In any case, as soon as he had it in his house, he started to have a recurring nightmare. He would be walking with a friend, usually someone he trusted, and then was looking into their eyes. He would turn and look into their eyes. It was then that he realized that there was something evil looking back at him. It wasn't his friend anymore. The person then changed into a demonic looking Hag, which is what he described. A Hag. So like an old crony woman who would then beat the living hell out of him, he would shoot uh awake after this and find bruises and marks on himself where the woman had beat him. And at this point, I wrote this also in all caps. At this point, he still doesn't connect it to the box the day that he brings it back to his house. This is what happens. So finally, after having some family stay the night at his home a few months later, and during breakfast, they all recount an awful dream they had. It was almost verbatim what his was. It just was a different friend of whoever was dreaming. Each had also had the dream when the box was in their own home, because all of these family members have now had this box in their house, and now they're staying in his house for the boxes again. So this dream is happening to all of them and has happened before to all of them. So he now realized finally that it had something to do with the box, because they all also had this dream and it was in their own home. Like, you finally put that together. So for a week after this discussion, Kevin began to see shadows in his peripherals, and others who visited him said that they had also seen shadows.
Speaker UNK: No.
Speaker B: He eventually put the box in an outdoor storage unit on his property, but was awoken in the middle of the night by a smoke alarm in the unit, only to find the unit clear of smoke and fire but smelling horribly of cat urine. So we're back to the awful smells. The same night he brought the box back inside and tried to research it, desperate for some answers. And I'm like, Dude, this research I would have done the minute my family member said I've had the same dream you did, almost verbatim.
Speaker A: Like, I would have tried to figure.
Speaker B: Out what that thing was so fast. I wouldn't have waited. Yes. Anyway, he fell asleep at the computer.
Speaker A: No.
Speaker B: And had the same horrible nightmare, only to wake up at 04:30 a.m. To the feeling of someone breathing on his neck, and this time, the smell of Jasmine flowers. I don't like you're so not into this. This is so funny to me that I love ghost stories. And she is, like, almost crying. She's so not into this at all. I promise it gets better.
Speaker A: Are you sure? Oh, my God. I'm just so nervous. I would be freaking out. I feel like only talk. You're literally crying. Only topped by the sensation of something uh pressing down on you, like, restricting your breathing. I feel like something on the back of your neck has to be the second most horrifying sensation ever. Yeah, because that's so intimate, so close.
Speaker B: Yes.
Speaker A: Oh, God. All right, hold on.
Speaker B: Yeah. Do you want to hold on to.
Speaker A: No, I'm fine. My own face will do just fine.
Speaker B: Thank you. I'm sorry I've done this to you.
Speaker A: No, I really want to know. Good story. I'm just very nervous.
Speaker B: It's okay.
Speaker A: This is um why I don't watch scary movies for any friends and family that are listening to this that have been like, oh, Shannon, scary movies are fun.
Speaker B: Wrong. No, they're not. I don't watch scary movies. I can't stand them. I hate looking at all because I'm a visual person, too. I can't look at it and be okay, but I can read all about it.
Speaker A: Can I tell you absolutely related thing. One time in high school, some friends kidnapped me. Not actually, but they picked me up because we were uh going to go have a movie night at our one friend's house. Mostly I blame Stephanie for this. Um i don't know if she is truly to blame, but she's the one I'm blaming. I thought we were going to our friend's house for movie night. Um like 13 going on 30. The Lizzie McGuire movie.
Speaker B: Something fun and light and cute high school girls. Yeah.
Speaker A: I mean, generalization. I was also obsessed with The Avengers in high school. I still am now. But that was the Genesis, right?
Speaker B: I'm currently holding a Captain America's Shield pillow while Shannon drinks water out of a Captain America Shield water bottle.
Speaker A: I have a brand. What can I say? But anyway, all that to say girls um can be into. Everybody is multi gossiping.
Speaker B: I thought we were going for girly.
Speaker A: Movie night, like face masks, popcorn.
Speaker B: Great.
Speaker A: Maybe we watched something else first. I literally don't remember. This was a traumatic experience, so I might have just, like, wiped it from my memory. They put on the movie The Descent, which, if you're not familiar, is about.
Speaker B: A group of women who go hiking.
Speaker A: Spelunking.
Speaker B: Oh, gosh, I have not seen it. But I remember hearing about this.
Speaker A: Right?
Speaker B: But then I'm trying to remember.
Speaker A: But I think one of the maybe they were going for somebody's birthday or something. But then one of the women that's part of this party actually doesn't like, kind of the main character because she's sleeping with her boyfriend or husband, something like that. But that woman, like, changes plans at the last minute. So they end up going to a different cave than the one they filed plans with the park service or something.
Speaker B: Makes me nervous.
Speaker A: There's somebody that you're uh supposed to be like, Hi, we're going into this cave, and we expect to be back by the time, which is smart. And then they go down in the cave and I don't know um if they get stuck or cave down. I don't remember. But then there are these creatures.
Speaker B: Oh, God.
Speaker A: And the first creatures show up maybe like 30 minutes in.
Speaker B: Oh, that quick. Maybe.
Speaker A: I don't really know. But from that moment, I was no longer watching The Descent.
Speaker B: I was merely listening to it.
Speaker A: I don't remember if I was by myself on a chair or maybe Stephanie was next to me and I just had her arm. But I was hiding my face for the entire movie. So I listened to that movie, which is honestly not as scary when you're.
Speaker B: Only listening to it and you realize, like, the screechy effects are just the.
Speaker A: Same effect over and over.
Speaker B: But that's not great.
Speaker A: Did not enjoy that's.
Speaker B: Not great, but same mechanism of being. Like, I'm not going to watch it, but even just um listening to it is still not great but scary.
Speaker A: Did you see me go?
Speaker B: Why did I start this?
Speaker A: That's 100% what just happened. But I do remember a distinct moment because, uh of course, these creatures are, like, trying to kill. Of course, that's the whole reason they exist hikers.
Speaker B: But.
Speaker A: Uh at one point, Stephanie goes, oh, look, a cranberry bog 70 is not British, but we would just, like, speak in silly accents.
Speaker B: Sometimes you're high silly.
Speaker A: But I did, like, pick up and it's just one. And she's, like, covered, and it's, like, bright red and there's just blood. But it really did look like cranberry broth. Like, it was bright red and there were little chunks and froze. But it was so, like Technicolor red for that brief frame that I happened to glimpse. Anyway, that was and um I hope your anxiety has gone down a little bit. Let's uh bring it back up. All right, let's go. As I tuck myself into my fuzzy blanket.
Speaker B: You did. So we're back at the desk. Someone has breathed down his neck. As he raised his head, a huge shadow mhm was walking away from him down the hall. So now it's no longer a shadow. In his peripherals, he is fully watching a shadow walk down the hall. Shannon's already back to almost crying.
Speaker A: All right, like Peter Pan's shadow, but terrifying. Like, there's nothing there to cast the shadow, but the shadow is visible.
Speaker B: A dark figure.
Speaker A: Yay.
Speaker B: So Kevin became afraid that if he tried to destroy the box, something worse may happen, which in this case, I'm like, Good on you, Kevin.
Speaker A: Yeah, I did have that thought when people started returning it for bad tissue. I was like, you could just Chuck it off a cliff or set it on fire. But then I was like.
Speaker B: Yeah. So instead, he decided to sell it on ebay in 2003, because that's a good idea.
Speaker A: I mean, why not?
Speaker B: He included the items he found in the box with the sale, said that he would provide hospital records and sworn affidavits from people to corroborate his story with the purchase, and did not have a minimum bid or a reserve price on the item. So basically, he was like, whatever price, somebody, somebody please take this from me. And that's where this whole story that I've just told comes from. And you can still see that in its archive now. But I have a link, and it's going to be in the show notes of this entire story that he wrote out on the uh ebay description. So obviously mine is paraphrased and not from his point of view. Like, it's from his point of view. But it's not me saying, Hi, I'm not reading it to you. It's a great read. Very well written. And it's terrifying. So another idiot bought mhm the box, of course, for $140.
Speaker A: All right. Plus shipping and handling.
Speaker B: I don't remember.
Speaker A: Okay.
Speaker B: I couldn't see. But this was in 2003, so $140.
Speaker A: Okay, first of all, economic detour like Jason will probably yell at me for being very simple about this, but isn't it sad that 2003 we talk about inflation? Like, inflation has been so bad that we're like, well, I'm not getting back in the day.
Speaker B: You're right.
Speaker A: Like 2003 money should not be that drastically different.
Speaker B: Kind of is. I don't know. The actual exchange rate probably is exchange rate. The inflation rate. I don't think it's that bad. But still, like $140 is not cheap.
Speaker A: But it's not expensive. Insignificant.
Speaker B: Yeah. So the idiot that bought it was a student at Truman State University in Missouri named Yosefnytsky. He was interested in the folklore of the Divik because he also wrote a little blurb about this. He had a blog at one point. He claims that the word Kessler um or Kessler refers to a Turkish word meaning priest. But I couldn't find that anywhere. Literally, I could find that nowhere. And I will link where my research comes from. Obviously, maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but I couldn't find it anywhere after he received the box. And this is keep in mind, like a 24 year old, his hair started to fall out and it went from like fullheaded hair to almost bald within the span of eight months. Oh, so that happened. He was very upset about it. When he wrote about it, he was.
Speaker A: Like, I don't understand. Yes.
Speaker B: So the lights in his house would burn out instantaneously. He also saw short shadows in the corners of his eyes. Would smell what he described as either Juniper or ammonia. So, like Jasmine and cat urine. These are just kind of similar smells to each of those. He had a lot of card trouble. He had a very hard time sleeping. And all of his roommates also claimed to see shadows feel very ill. They couldn't sleep. They also had car trouble. I'll be super pissed at this roommate who brought in a cursed box into my house. I would have been.
Speaker A: I'm so sorry. We need to have a house meeting before anyone buys a haunted box off Ebay, please.
Speaker B: Lastly, uh there was one day that he came home to find all ten of his freshwater fish dead in their aquarium, which is so sad because those are kind of his babies.
Speaker A: And you just focus on the fish, bro. Why'd you have to buy a haunted box?
Speaker B: Seriously? Why? So in early 2004, February, to be exact, Yosef decided to also try to get rid of the box through Ebay. Because this is where you put haunted boxes.
Speaker A: Apparently.
Speaker B: Apparently there's actually a very long list of haunted items that have been sold through Ebay.
Speaker A: I believe it or Etsy now.
Speaker B: Yeah, there are a lot of them on Etsy, too. So again, another idiot bought it, this time for $280.
Speaker A: Yeah, okay.
Speaker B: Made a bit of money on it. And this idiot was named Jason. Haxton. I'm sorry, I'm calling you guys idiots. I don't think any of you are ever going to hear this.
Speaker A: But not your Jason, though.
Speaker B: Oh, yeah, sorry. Not my Jason. Maybe not you. Don't uh worry. This Jason is an idiot. You are not.
Speaker A: Unless you go buying haunted stuff on ebay.
Speaker B: That's uh so not him. Okay, good, because I would never know that's more me?
Speaker A: Yeah, you're the eccentric weirdo with your naked cat, and I want to make a cat so badly. No, Jason and I my boss.
Speaker B: And teeth.
Speaker A: Are. I know.
Speaker B: Anyway, Jason.
Speaker A: Uh okay, great.
Speaker B: It's normal. I have a box of teeth in my house. Some of them are mine. So Jason not mine. But Jason Hackson was the director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri, which I don't really know what you would have in that Museum. Okay, so this is also the same town that Yosef was in. So basically, quick handoff of this box. Jason, too, uh experienced many health problems, including hives, coughing up blood, and welts all over his body. He also claimed when he first received the box, his eyes began to bleed as if they had been struck by a pin. And yet he still made claims that owning uh the box reversed his aging, which I don't know where that comes from.
Speaker A: I don't care if you look 25 if you're bleeding out of your eyeballs.
Speaker B: Seriously. Also, a man died in his home sitting in a chair that was directly over the box in the basement. Although this death was attributed to natural causes similar to the stroke that Kevin's mother had. Yes.
Speaker A: And no one has thought to consult a psychic, a priest, a Rabbi.
Speaker B: Well, Jason contacted Jewish Rabbi. Okay. Thank you. Mostly in the area to either find a way to seal the box or get rid um of the dibbic something. Let's figure out what's happening. So he consulted Rebecca Edward, who mhm is an Orthodox Jewish bookkeeper from Brooklyn, and she helped him to understand the purpose of the box. This is what her um summation is. She says that the box was sacred, built like the usual receptacle for tour of Scrolls, and that it wasn't unusual for a box this size to be used when going to comfort the family of the deceased. Now, remember, this is like a foot and a half tall and a little bit less wide and deep. So this isn't necessarily something you couldn't carry. Yeah, it's probably about the size of my torso. Yeah.
Speaker A: I feel like a case is a better descriptor than it.
Speaker B: That's fair.
Speaker A: It has some heft, but you can still transport it.
Speaker B: Exactly. The only reason I think it's called a cabinet is because it has two front. Two doors on the front. So she also said that the box was deliberately stuffed um with a spirit, which deliberately stuffed like that was the actual phrase that was used. And I was like, that's uh hilarious.
Speaker A: When you're trying to get your duvet into that.
Speaker B: We're trying to close your suitcase. She suggests that the box itself actually needs a formal Jewish burial involving a prayer group, but that hasn't obviously been done. Instead, Jason had some Amish build a wooden box to put it in and.
Speaker A: Make a duplicate of it what, Jason?
Speaker B: Yeah, I don't know. And apparently putting it in the box helped. For some time later, however, he decides that putting it in a military grade box so one that basically won't explode for a grenade and burying it somewhere on his property in a secret location that only he knows was more helpful for subduing the bibbic.
Speaker A: Jason, you got some stuff going on, bro. I don't know about this.
Speaker B: Jason wrote a book called Dibukbox spelled D-I-B-B-U-K. But in any uh case, same sound. In this book, he describes his encounters with the box and the research he did into it. So he did quite a lot of research in terms of figuring out the kind of box and similar ones to it and trying to find the lineage and all of that. It has mixed reviews, but is currently being sold on both Amazon and through the Truman State University library where Jason was a professor. Uh so Jason decided to get the box out of his possession and on an episode of Ghost Adventures, Artifacts brings the box to Zack Bagan's haunted Museum in Las Vegas.
Speaker A: We um started on ebay. Now we're here, guys.
Speaker B: I love watching Ghost Adventures, mostly because Zack Bagans is a hilarious human being. He's so sincere about all of this, and yet he is so awkward that it makes it it's cringeworthy to watch, which makes it very hard for Jason to watch because second hand embarrassment for him is very he'll only watch it with me if he's wearing a hoodie that he can then pull tight uh around his face.
Speaker A: Yes. I feel that in my soul.
Speaker B: Yeah. So I did watch this episode, by the way, and it's great. So during this episode, Kevin Manus is invited to be near the box. Once again, they found Kevin.
Speaker A: Kevin is the original guy that bought it from the estate sale.
Speaker B: Yes.
Speaker A: Okay, idiot. I F you will first.
Speaker B: Yes.
Speaker A: Although I guess really the family should have listened to the 103 year old grandmother.
Speaker B: I would find out what it is. Yes. I have not seen any evidence as to this family.
Speaker A: What?
Speaker B: Yeah, we'll get there. So during the episode, Kevin Manus is then led down uh to the basement where the box has been set up with a chair in front of it. He does not sit in the chair. Instead, he immediately opens the box and starts wandering around the room. He um then decides to recite something that sounds like poetry. And Shannon, I am going to show you this clip of the show. It's found on Hulu. Some of the seasons are on Hulu. And specifically, this is the first episode, first season of Ghost Adventures Artifacts. So if you have Hulu and you uh would like to go find it, it is in that episode, I'm sure there's also a clip of it on YouTube. This is just where I was watching it. And now we will watch it.
Speaker A: Okay.
Speaker B: What Shannon has just seen a clip from the episode of Ghost Adventures Artifacts, where Kevin is reciting what sounds like a poem. I find it funny the way that Zack Bagan is in his career reacting.
Speaker A: I mean, it would be kind of terrifying, though, if you are genuinely someone who sort of believes in ghosts. And then this guy said that his tone, his voice sounded different watching the episode.
Speaker B: It does sound fair. It's the same voice. Like, it's still his voice, but it's a very different tone. He doesn't stutter all of this, right? Yeah.
Speaker A: So I feel like in the moment, it would be very scary or spooky. The skeptic in me is like, Kevin wants to really milk his experience. So he memorized something to recite in the basement when he got there.
Speaker B: But I don't know, maybe he's just that good. Go watch it. It's good. The box itself can now be found in Zack Bagan's haunted Museum. It's under glass in its own space so that no one can touch it except Post Malone. I'm sorry, you didn't know we were going there.
Speaker A: Unexpected celebrity mention on your bingo card.
Speaker B: Seriously? Post Malone went to visit the Museum in Vegas in 2019 because he's weirdly friends with Zack Bagans.
Speaker A: I know literally nothing about Post Malone, and that makes sense to me.
Speaker B: Yeah. So Zach Bagan took the glass off of the box and told him to touch it, and Post Malone did. There was a video of this on the Internet, and it's kind of hilarious because, I mean, you know, Post Malone's face, he's got, like, all these tattoos at this point. He still had his long hair. Now it's cut short, but he still had his long dreads and stuff. And this man, his face goes from, like, all right, like, kind of creeped out to, like, no, it's very funny to me. Sorry, Janice.
Speaker A: She's, like, not what happened to him? Was he fine?
Speaker B: So he touched the dipping box, and bite marks appear on his arm. Later on his plane home, almost crashed his house a few months later, was robbed um at gunpoint.
Speaker A: Okay.
Speaker B: And he crashed his Rolls Royce. Like, he got into a really bad car crash.
Speaker A: Well, the last two, I feel like, are general celebrity BS stuff. Potentially, if you're wealthy, people are more likely to try and Rob you. And if you're a celebrity, you have a self inflated ego of getting away with things.
Speaker B: Maybe.
Speaker A: But is he okay?
Speaker B: He's fine.
Speaker A: Okay, good.
Speaker B: He's still very creeped out by this. He won't go back uh to the Museum.
Speaker A: No, go back.
Speaker B: But he's still friends with Zack Bagans for some reason. But um because I would not be friends with Zack Bagging if he took the glass off the Divock box and was like, go ahead, touch it. He does do this thing. Zack does. That is like, I'm not giving you an order or anything. Like, you don't have to do this if you don't want to, but you're more than welcome to kind of thing of like do it, dare you. Kind of triple it.
Speaker A: Dare you?
Speaker B: Yeah. So there is a clip and I'll link it in the show notes too, of Post Malone talking about this on radio of his experience with it because uh it was a big news story last year and I remember reading uh it and going. So also, Zach idiot Baggins decided during Quarantine in July to open the box. Bro, as if the world in 2020. We did not need. We need more stuff in this. Like, it went from murder Hornets to those subway rats that were trying to kill people. Do you remember that?
Speaker A: No.
Speaker B: No. Okay, never mind. They went away, apparently. But the TV then it was like.
Speaker A: Ninja Turtles took care of them.
Speaker B: You're right. And now opening this Divi box. So I have not yet watched him open it. And after we're finished with this episode, I'm going to turn it on and we can watch it. But I will also link this in the show notes and you can watch it for yourself. I don't have any clue if anything actually happens. I couldn't find anything. I found a lot of stuff preempting this opening of the box. Like there was some on e news that was talking about, like, the ten weird things that Zac Vegans wants to tell us about this box, and he's opening in July. I couldn't find anything about it afterwards. I don't know if anything actually happens, but I kind of want to see.
Speaker A: His haunted Museum burned to the ground or anything dramatic.
Speaker B: No, his haunted Museum is also filled with other haunted objects and is supposedly also haunted itself before he even bought it. So this couldn't possibly be the thing.
Speaker A: Maybe they're all just playing nicely together.
Speaker B: Yeah. The other thing is that once this box is put in the Museum, there are accounts that holes were starting um to be drilled into the room's.
Speaker A: Walls of what?
Speaker B: That were unexplained, that they couldn't figure out why it was happening. As if something was trying to date its way out.
Speaker A: Wait, the walls of the room or the walls of the box?
Speaker B: Um love the room. Yeah. Okay. Lastly, this box was the inspiration for the horror movie The Possession. Have not seen it. Will not see it.
Speaker A: No.
Speaker B: But hard passed that exists if you're a horror movie person, go ahead, write.
Speaker A: In, let us know.
Speaker B: So here are our theories. One, a dipping or even more spirits haunt this box and the people who come in contact with it and cause them harm. Now, this could mean that they are trying to possess them in some way in order to get them to do whatever they need them to do in order to finish their unfinished business and pass on to the other side. Or they're just an evil entity who wants to stick around and cause harm. There's that possibility. The other is that it's a hoax.
Speaker UNK: What?
Speaker B: So Jason Hackston in his book determined that the box is handled and construction dates more from the period, which would have been well after Havilla moved to the US. He doesn't dwell on it in his book, but that in itself makes me a little suspicious of both the box and him um not dwelling on it, but bringing it up just like a little bit, and then researching everything else about the boxes if it actually has a DIVOC inside of it. All right. Kevin Manus is also a screenwriter specializing in horror. He writes a lot of other things, too, including spoken word pieces.
Speaker A: Stop.
Speaker B: Turns out that the encounter he has with the box where he recites what sounds like a poem is actually a spoken word poem that he wrote called The Shadow Man. And I have a link to it.
Speaker A: Oh, no, I have not watched this either.
Speaker B: The only reason I haven't watched is because I didn't want to laugh my butt off while I'm trying to write something that's particularly spooky. I was like, I need to be in the mood, uh but it'll be in the show notes. The thumbnail on the YouTube link to it is just mashed up pieces of his. Like there's just uh pictures of his face everywhere. It looks like someone took a collage, cut out his face multiple times and put it on his thumbnail. It's very weird. I want to listen to it. We will. So, yeah, he wrote that poem that he's reciting without tripping up, without any of that. So your supposition um that he memorized something to say during his experience is correct. I don't think that Zack Bagans and his crew knew that. They seem to be pretty good about debunking stuff in their usual shows, so I don't think they had any clue that this man was also a very creative um type who would write things for fun that were Horry. So, yeah. Also, no one can find Yosef Netsky. His blog is gone where he detailed what happened to him while owning the box. His digital presence has been scrubbed and there has been no results from trying to track him down. So did he exist at all or was he the brainchild of a spy? Is that what you just said?
Speaker A: Yeah, uh he was a spy.
Speaker B: Said it so quietly.
Speaker A: I didn't want to interrupt a spy.
Speaker B: It was very cute, actually. All right, so one critic of the box, skeptic, Christ. His name is not Christ.
Speaker A: A bold move.
Speaker B: I think it's Chris. Mhm i'll look it up later. One skeptic of the box, Chris French says, quote, The Box's owners were already primed to be looking out for bad stuff. If you believe you have been cursed, then inevitably you explain the bad stuff that happens to you in terms of what you perceive to be the cause. Put it like this, I would be happy to own this object. End quote. He's also the head of the Animalist? No, not animalistic. Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmith's College at the University of London. So he seems pretty credible to me. However, he has not seen the box in person, so maybe, maybe not, I don't know.
Speaker A: A trip to Vegas.
Speaker B: Chris, go visit Zach. Similar boxes that supposedly have David inside of them popped up everywhere. Since the Ebay story about this particular one, you can even buy one from pretty much anywhere. Ebay Etsy anywhere. There are tons of YouTube videos of people buying, quote, Dybbuk boxes and opening them on camera. No, it's very silly.
Speaker A: Not worth the views.
Speaker B: Yeah. So here are my final thoughts. I'm usually one to believe a little more in ghosts and paranormal in this sense. And I think that a lot of tragedy can surround people who have had this box or have come in contact with it, kind of along with Chris French's supposition. But I'm not sure that the story is real, particularly after learning that Kevin Manus wrote the poem that he recites in Ghost Adventures. The way that he writes the Ebay story is very long and it's very detailed. And I feel like as a regular human who like, when you experience trauma, a lot of that trauma you don't remember because your brain tries not to remember it to make sure that you continue being sane. So there's a little bit of that, but I can't be sure. It might be a hoax, it might be haunted. Uh i don't know.
Speaker A: Yeah. Like the set up. I feel like if it were real, we would know a lot more about the original woman.
Speaker B: Yeah.
Speaker A: I want to know, what was she doing in Spain before she came? Where did she get this box? Did the box already have a Divock inside it when she got it? Or did something happen to her in the light of all the trauma that she experienced during the Holocaust? I feel like.
Speaker B: I don't know.
Speaker A: The setup is so grand. It's a good set up like you started, and I was in it's a good story. But then now that you said that he's a screenwriter, I'm like.
Speaker B: I feel duped.
Speaker A: Also that you focused on not the right characters. Kevin, this was all made up story should have flushed out the prologue a little bit more. Who cares about all these? There are so many basic white boy names in this.
Speaker B: Kevin, Jason. Sorry, Babe. Chris the only one not being well. Two are Habala and Yosef.
Speaker A: Yeah. Also, based on the limited information I have, from what you've said about divix, it doesn't seem like this spirit, if it did exist, is trying to accomplish anything in order to move on. So I guess with that in mind, if there is an element of truth to it, if there is a spirit, I would presume with my not extensive of knowledge that it would be more of a demon than a spirit just based on the mythology that you've shared, because surely there would be somebody that could help you accomplish your business and move on. But if you just like to beat people up and be scary, then maybe you're not. I don't know.
Speaker B: Yes. Or maybe that it was made a quote dubbok box with the intention of maybe salvaging some of that uh hope or pain or whatever with whatever dibbic it was. And then other spirits entered the box and kind of messed up the intentions. I don't know. I kind of want to go and see it. You want to go to Vegas? We can go visit Maddie and Carolyn.
Speaker A: You can go to the creepy box place. Take Liam with you.
Speaker B: Okay.
Speaker A: Jason and I will go see the Backstreet Boys in residency.
Speaker B: Jason would love that.
Speaker A: Or Celine Dion. I don't think so.
Speaker B: If Britney Spears still has a residency, I would have loved to do that for the pre Britney there's.
Speaker A: Rupaul's Queens had a review, but it got shut uh down by Cobbt. So many faves. Cameron Michaels. Ms. Banji.
Speaker B: That's the only one I think I know.
Speaker A: Miss Banji.
Speaker B: I don't watch Drag Race. I know you do.
Speaker A: I mean, here and there. Now I don't have access to it anymore, uh but I appreciate them. I follow them on social media. Yeah, but anyway, we'll go watch Drag Queens Be Fabulous, and um you can go to the creepy box place.
Speaker B: Yeah, maybe I'll meet Zack Bacon because he lives in Vegas now.
Speaker A: Maybe don't touch the box, though, I swear.
Speaker B: Oh, I won't. I have no intentions of actually being haunted. Let's get this clock.
Speaker A: I only want to haunt.
Speaker B: I only want to haunt Emma. I do not want to be haunted. I do not.
Speaker A: Let's say that because then some spirits can be like, well, jokes on you.
Speaker B: Please don't.
Speaker A: Just.
Speaker B: That's all I can say to that. Please don't.
Speaker A: Please don't.
Speaker B: And rather not. That seems like a lot of work, and I'm already a fairly anxious human to begin with. And any time my blood pressure goes up just a little bit and then goes back down, I faint, regardless of how fast or slow it uh is. So please know. All right, I only have a couple of pictures of the box, so the Instagram post is going to be fairly thin, but the source list in the show notes will be very long, so feel free to run through that. But if you want to see the couple of pictures I have, please go to our Instagram at this podcast doesn't exist. Like and follow us as well as share and subscribe to this podcast. If you like us again, if you don't like us, send us to somebody who does. Or even if you don't like us and somebody else you know won't like us either. And you want to make them mad, send us to them, too. So haunt your friends while you're alive. Wow.
Speaker A: Put that.
Speaker B: Oh, my gosh. I can haunt people now while I'm.
Speaker A: Living you guys, she just grabbed her face. They're going to animate her. Oh my gosh. Put that on the merch though. That's the merch idea for this episode. I can haunt people uh while you're alive.
Speaker B: Yes.
Speaker A: Well, if you'd like to haunt us or share any ghost stories or spirit encounters that you've experienced uh do you watch ghost furniture? Whatever that show is have you been to this haunted Museum in Vegas? Please tell us send us an email at we would love to hear from you and if you let us we can share it on the podcast.
Speaker B: Yes, um because I love ghost stories. I really do. I don't know why, but I do. I find them amazing.
Speaker A: Well, I can't say that that was the most enjoyable way for me to spend the last hour of my life but it was an adventurous ride so thank you.
Speaker B: You're welcome. That was a really fun one for me to research. Also happy last night of Hanukkah?
Speaker A: Yes.
Speaker B: I mean I'm not Jewish so I don't know of any way to sign off from this other than maybe Shalom.
Speaker A: Yeah, I hope microwaves give me a.
Speaker B: Call and let me know yeah I.
Speaker A: Hope you get all the guilt yeah from the dreidel spinning. Yeah we're both holding our hands in.
Speaker B: Questioning arms but yes.
Speaker A: Happy Hanukkah. Happy holidays to everyone. Thank you for joining us and remember.
Speaker B: Um this podcast does it exist.

The Mother Source:, and Archived 

EBAY description: 

Questions of Zak Bagans’ idiocy of opening the box: 

Skeptoid article about the box: 

LA Times article that was the inspiration for the movie The Possession: 

The Dibbuk Box website, run by Jason Haxton: 

Keselim meanings: 

Truman University site to buy The Dibbuk Box: 

Episode 1 of Season 1 of Ghost Adventures: Artifacts: 

Evidence of Kevin Mannis’s poetic license: 

Opening the dybbuk box during quarantine (requires a cable connection):

Post Malone touching the box:

Sinisterhood Episode 96: The Dybbuk

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